What is Earthling Project?

Earthling Project is a cultural, multidisciplinary project commissioned by the California-based Artist in Residence Program at Seti Institute.

Who presents Earthling Project?

Earthling project is presented by the acclaimed Composer and Musical Director Felipe Pérez Santiago, with support from SETI Institute Air Program, Arch Mission Foundation and a multidisciplinary team organized by Pérez Santiago and his collaborator’s crew.


Earthling project aims to create an extraordinary collection of voices from all around the world. These will be stored on a platform designed for this project and will eventually be launched to the moon, on board of Astrobotic’s Peregrine.

We intend to create engagement with our platform users by allowing them to vote for their favorite compositions. With all these voices, Pérez Santiago will create a unique piece – based on songs inspired by emotions and rituals that we share as humans – that will be sent to the moon, thanks to Arch Mission Foundation support.


For the first time in human history, people from all over the globe will share among music stars, scientists and many other legendary people the possibility of recording their voices.

These are inspired by emotions and rituals that we share as social beings, and we will send them into space as a unified musical message that represent our species, having our first mission to the moon in 2021.


Starting December 16th and until we gather 10,000 voices.